Shamballa Bracelet 10mm Crystal Ball Pink CZ Flower Design

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Shamballa Bracelet 10mm Crystal Ball Pink CZ Flower Design
Our bracelets are meticulously crafted. Each stone is inspected and hand-set to perfectly match. There are seven crystal balls that dangle from a woven cord. The fashion bracelet features a crystal flower design with an adjustable fit. The Shamballa bracelet is the perfect complement to all your gold and silver jewelry. Let this fashion jewelry piece compliment your unique style and express your personality. The bracelet will make the perfect gift for all occasions.

Aurora Borealis AB is a special finish applied to beads and rhinestones to make them more radiant. The finish was given the name Aurora Borealis after the celestial phenomena known as the Northern Lights. The coating offers a shimmering rainbow of colors to costume jewelry similar to lustrous diamonds.

Caring for Your Jewelry
We recommend routine maintenance for your jewelry. The metal should not come into contact with household chemicals that may damage the original properties. To avoid scratches and dulling, store the bracelet in a soft cloth pouch. If any discoloration is noticed, use a gentle polish with a soft brush to remove any tarnish.