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Round Turquoise Toe Ring Sterling Silver

Pamper your Toes this beach season with a Celtic Knot designed toering from Kezef Creations.

With these unique & lovely designer rings for toes you will standout on the beachfront or the boardwalk as you step toward the ocean or bathe in the sunshine.
Sterling silver. 925 with dainty designs, these toe rings add a smart and hip look to your already chic style.
Wear them on any finger, put one on your thumb toe, 2 on your long or index toe, on your middle toe, and don't forget the ring toe, they'll look so cute on your tiny baby toe, that small little pinky toe. There is a stylish toering for all your finger toes.
These can also be worn as knuckle rings or midi rings, and fit nicely between the first & second knuckle on any of your hands fingers. Some of these fashion midi rings are stackable and can be layered as a set of knuckle rings. Gently press the ring closed on your finger to secure it, and open gently to remove.

Choose from a Turquoise cabochon shape; Round, Oval or Pear / teardrop.
Reconstructed or Reconstitued Turquoise is made from small pieces of natural turquoise that are too small to be processed and used as genuine turquoise. These small turquoise chips are mixed with resins & dyes and compressed under extreme pressure into a block. The blocks are then cut & shaped into turquoise cabochons to be set into jewelry. This accessory will complement and polish the look of any outfit and is suitable for many occasions.

Kezef Creations is committed to bringing you the best jewelry for everyday wear. We take our customers’ needs seriously. We’re sure that you will love your elegant toe ring. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, contact one of our customer care representatives so we can make it up to you! We Are Not Satisfied Until You Are.