Stelring Silver Ball Bead Chain 1mm

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$7.49 - $14.49
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The ball chain is crafted of spheres rather than chain links. The design fixates the balls at repeating intervals to reduce weight. The beads are positioned adjacently to each other and usually used to hold up Id’s and military dog tags. Whether it’s worn on its own or complementing another chain its shimmer is certain to get everyone’s attention. The chain is secured with a durable spring ring clasp.

Sterling Silver Silver is most durable when combined with copper. Sterling silver jewelry usually contains a .925 hallmark implying the compound consists of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper or other metals. This combination is optimal for maintaining the durability without losing its luster.

Caring for Your Jewelry
We recommend routine maintenance for your jewelry. The metal should not come into contact with household chemicals that may damage the original properties. To avoid scratches and dulling, store the chains in a soft cloth pouch. If any discoloration is noticed, use a gentle polish with a soft brush to remove any tarnish.