Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings - 4mm Click-Top Tube Hoop

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$23.99 - $36.99
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Kezef Creations brings you these time honored high polished .925 sterling silver hoop earrings.

Dangling circle earring hoops are a true staple for the ladies jewelry box. Crafted from a real sterling 925 silver 4mm tube into hoops with a secure click top closure.

Perfect for any occasion you'll look like a celebrity with these unique attractive hoop earrings. Worn by many celebs for award ceremonies or showing off to the paparazzi. Magazines are full of images with actors and models showing off the hooped lobes.

Earring hoops go well with tube dresses and strapless outfits, helping accentuate your neckline, especially with a bare upper chest and neck.

Hoops can add sophistication and elegance to your look, whether wearing plain shirts or v-necks or a designer dress, helping you spice up a plain or otherwise boring outfit.

Great Gift for that special someone! Sterling silver hoop earring are worn by women, girls, teens, kids, men & boys too. Can be gifted for any occasion, graduation, back to school college, anniversary, birthday present, or for own self indulgence. Classic hoop earring have withstood the test of time, always a basic fashion jewelry item.

Kezef Creations is committed to bringing you the best jewelry for everyday wear. We take our customers' needs seriously. We're sure that you will love your Tube Hoop Earrings. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, contact one of our customer care representatives so we can make it up to you!